E-Design Revisions Disclaimer:

Thank you for choosing Willow Brook Interiors. We are dedicated to providing high-quality e-design services to transform your space into a beautiful and functional environment. In order to maintain clarity and transparency in our client relationships, we would like to inform you of the following regarding revisions:

  1. Revisions Scope: Our e-design services include a specified number of revisions as outlined in our agreement/contract. Each revision encompasses adjustments to the original design concept, furniture and decor selection, color schemes, space planning, and other related elements discussed during the initial consultation.
  2. Revisions Limitations: While we strive to accommodate your vision, please note that revisions are subject to the amount of revisions included in the package purchased.
  3. Client Input: Your active participation and timely feedback during the revision process are crucial to achieving your desired outcome. Failure to provide necessary input within agreed-upon timeframes may result in delays and adjustments to project timelines or additional charges.
  4. Design Constraints: The feasibility and practicality of design revisions may be influenced by various factors, including budgetary constraints, availability of products or materials in the market, and technical limitations. We will make reasonable efforts to explore alternative options within these constraints to ensure your satisfaction.
  5. Approval of Revisions: Any revised design plans, mood boards, or changes will require your explicit approval before implementation. Once approved, alterations may be subject to a change order or adjustment to the project cost, depending on their nature and impact on the overall project.
  6. Communication Channels: All revision requests and related communications should be made through designated channels, such as email, project management software, or other agreed-upon means. This helps us maintain accurate records and ensures clear communication between both parties.
  7. Fee Structure: Our e-design services include revisions up to the agreed-upon number, as specified in our contract. Revisions beyond this scope will be subject to an additional fee of $150 per hour, per revision, payable upon request and before implementation.

Please carefully review this disclaimer, as your continued engagement with our services implies acceptance of these terms and conditions regarding revisions. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We value your satisfaction and are committed to delivering an outstanding e-design experience.

Willow Brook Interiors