What is E-Design?

E-Design Services

E-Design, simply put, are interior design services offered online. They are available to you no matter where you live and is an easy and affordable alternative to the traditional interior design services. The project, from start to finish, is overseen by a professional interior designer. You, as the client, have to be willing to do a little DIY to implement the final design. It is ideal for the client that works well via email (and/or messaging) and is comfortable ordering products online. Complete with a shopping list and links, of course!

E-Design is a fairly new industry and is becoming increasingly popular. Services can range from small to large and can be anything from selecting accessories for an existing space or helping to choose paint colors, to customizing your entire home, room by room. The designer does not have to physically be in your home. Clients will be asked to share photos of their existing space, some inspirational photos and measurements. A great alternative for people that are looking for a professionally styled home, but not at the cost of traditional interior design.

With E-Design services, products are retail only. In the event you are looking for trade selections, or a combination of both, the designer will discuss with you how things are purchased and billed.

What you can expect..

Here is an example of an E-Design project start to finish.

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